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Winter Is Coming: How to Prepare Your Home

Winter is just around the corner and you know what that means- creating a Winter To-Do list. Will you make snowmen, go skiing, maybe snowboarding? Whatever fun events you may have planned, make sure to also include a few home maintenance tasks. The follows tasks will help you save costs this winter and keep the warmth in!

Install a door sweep

Have you noticed that some doors leave a small gap between the bottom of the door and the floor? This is to prevent floors from being scratched, however if the gap is sizeable enough it can lead to heat loss. You can fix this by installing door sweeps! These sweeps won’t harm your floors and will close any gaps to keep the heat in.

Programmable thermostat

While it’s great to have the house heated to your perfect temperature when you’re home, there’s not really a reason to have your house warm when everyone’s at work or school, or when sleeping. Having a programmable thermostat can reduce costs by setting schedules for the heater! You can also simply set this schedule and make reminders for yourself to save costs.

Insulate Insulate Insulate

Having the proper insulation can make a great difference in keeping the cold out, and the warmth in! However some older homes may lack proper insulation, so make sure to get a consultation and maybe bulk up your home’s insulation.

Winterize Your Windows

Many windows tend to let heat seep out, but there’s two ways to directly combat this: temporary storm windows, or an insulator kit. The insulator kit will provide films to cover your windows and is a cheaper alternative to storm windows, but both are great options for insulating your windows.

Cover the windows

Applying new windows or films to windows can be intimidating, so you can also combat heat leaks by getting insulating curtains! Not only can these curtains help prevent heat leaks, but they can also be stylish decor to give the room a warm feeling.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Did you know that the direction your ceiling fans are turning actually effects how heat travels in your home? If you can change your ceiling fan direction, make sure they’re spinning clockwise, as this will make warm air lower.

Clean the Gutters & Drain Outdoor Plumbing

Build up in your gutters can lead to still water, which has a high chance of freezing. This also applies to any outdoor plumbing you may have like: hoses and a sprinkler system. Try to make sure that there’s no water in either of these systems when the colder months come our way, because they might freeze over.

Sweep out the Chimney

One of the best parts of winter is sitting in front of a cozy fire, but you have to make sure you do it safely! If you burn log fires at a lower temperature, tar can actually start to build up in your chimney. So make sure that before each winter starts, you get your chimney sweeped to avoid any potential fires.


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