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Why Winter is Actually a Great Time to List Your Home

Why Winter is Actually a Great Time to List Your Home

Spring is typically known as the best time to sell a home. However, statistics show that winter is actually just as beneficial a season to list your home in, depending on your location. One of these places is Atlanta.

In and around Atlanta, 11.1% of listings sold above listing price in winter, while 11.3% sold above listing price in spring. In the summer, 9.9% sold above, while 10.4% sold above above in fall. This shows that the best times of the year to list your home are actually spring and winter, rather than spring and summer like many might think. 

46.2% of homes listed in the winter sold within 30 days, while 48% listed in spring sold in the same time frame.

There is less inventory during this season, which means there is more competition for buyers to find homes. More competition means more bidding wars, and typically more money for the seller in the end. However, as the weather warms, there will be more homes listed, meaning more direct competition for you if you wait list then.

Next, buyers are typically more serious and motivated about finding a home in winter. Many people are relocated then, making their home search more urgent and necessary. When you combine this with the lower inventory, it’s a recipe for you to profit as a seller!

If you list your home because you need to buy a new home this winter, you won’t want to wait long, since interest rates have already slightly increased since November. Act now, as they’re expected to shoot up even more this coming year.

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