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Tips & Tricks for Decorating a Small Living Room

Tips & Tricks for Decorating a Small Living Room

You might have a small living room, but there are ways to work with what you’ve got and truly make the best out of the room.

Be a drama queen/king
Sometimes for small rooms that don’t get much light, it actually works to turn the negative situation into a positive one by painting the room a bold, dramatic color. This doesn’t necessarily mean four walls of scarlet red, but possibly a rich chocolate color or something of the like.

Go bold or go home
Statement pieces, such as bold patterns, colors, and flowers, all can make a small living room appear bigger than it actually is. A cheery, playful vibe can work wonders for a small space.

Experiment with scale
Lots of small things in a small space can visually “tighten” the room up. If you have small things instead of big ones, you’ll have room for more.

Hang artwork high
Playing with the height of your framed wall art can make a room seem taller, and therefore bigger. 

Mesmerize with mirrors
Mirrors can truly give an illusion of a bigger room, especially when they are on the larger side.

Hang high curtains
If you position your curtains almost to the ceiling of your room, it will give the room a vibe of airiness and of height.

Choose the right kind of table
Sometimes a traditional, bulky coffee table isn’t your best option. A circular, drum-shaped table can really present you with more space for traffic-flow than you would have, and will be easier to move when necessary.

Appreciate multi-use furniture
Seating with storage kills two birds with one stone. So does a desk that folds out into a dining room table, or something of the like.

Strategically position furniture
Instead of pushing furniture right up against the walls, “float” it more towards the center of the room instead, adding visual volume to your space.

Pick non-imposing furniture
Instead of bulky, high-sitting furniture, choose lower-sitting furniture that keep the room from feeling crowded.

Display the right light
Choose light fixtures that can be moved aside and don’t take up much room, like swinging-arm lamps. Having floor lamps instead of table lamps also let you kee
p your table room.

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