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Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

tips to help you sell your home

Sometimes it may be hard to look at your home objectively- like an outsider, someone who doesn’t have time and cherished memories invested in the house. However, anyone viewing your house for the first time will see things about it that you probably don’t. Here are some ways to spruce up your home and to give attention to those things your normally might not.

  • Make your curb appeal appealing: It’s your home’s first impression after all. Trim hedges and bushes, weed your yard, and add flowers. Also, give your front door a fresh coat of paint if needed, and buy a new mailbox if it’s necessary.
  • Clean until it’s spic and span: Both in the obvious and not-so-obvious, overlooked places such as the tops of high surfaces, baseboards, and by wiping down appliances and hardware. Clean your carpets (especially if you have pets), and if you have hardwood flooring underneath, then feel free to remove the carpeting.
  • Be conscientious of smells: You might be “nose-blind” to your home’s normal yet unique smell, but be aware of cooking anything extra aromatic before you know someone will be coming inside your home. Also realize that pets may add their own smell to your home that others may be more aware of than you.
  • Check for scuff marks, stains, discoloration, etc.: Check your walls, moldings, doors, outlets, etc. for these. Paint them or replace them accordingly.
  • Neutral is best: Speaking of painting, stick with neutral colors. If you have any “loud” or generally unappealing-colored walls in your house, you might want to think about repainting them to appeal to the tastes of buyers. Neutrality also applies for decorations; anything that is too eccentric or strange might turn people away.
  • De-clutter: Anything that deflects from all of your home’s nice features is unnecessary to have in sight. This also goes along the lines of having too many personal items around, such as pictures and monogrammed decorations; buyers want to be able to picture themselves living there. Also, get rid of, or put away bulky furniture that takes up too much space. This will make any room look much bigger. It will also improve the natural “flow” of the room, the walking pathways.
  • Organize: Closets are an important thing you should organize. Buyers will want to know how much space they will have to work with. Buy some organizers, dividers, etc.; anything that will save you space and make the closet look better. You can also remove some clothes and put them in storage temporarily, so the closet looks less full and more organized.
  • Natural is key: Let light inside your house as much as you can; natural lighting is better than any other kind. Having more light is also better, so use lamps to light up darker spaces. Another natural element you can use is plants. These can give a breath of fresh air to a room, fill in empty spaces, and make for great decorations.
  • Improve outdoor spaces: Your deck, porch, patio, and any other spaces outside you could spend time in are important. Place some plants around, clean off the grill and outdoor furniture, and clear leaves and debris off.
  • Make your bathrooms really nice: Think of a spa or a nice hotel; roll and stack some washcloths and towels. Add candles, flowers, and coordinating mats, towels, and curtains. Replace your toilet seat, and also lower it. Also, re-grout if need be.
  • Replace hardware for an updated feel: This is an easy, inexpensive task, but it can make a big difference in the general look of the room.
  • Make rooms purposeful: If the buyer can picture a clear use for each room, then it will make them feel more confident about buying. 

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