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A Timeline of Things You Need to Do Before You Move

A Timeline of Things You Need to Do Before You Move

When you’re about to move out of your house, there are many things to think about and take care of, and on a deadline.

Two Months Before

  • Create a folder or binder for your move: This will house your receipts, estimates, checklists, and your moving inventory.
  • Sort your belongings: Go through every room of your house and figure out what should come with you, and what needs to stay or get donated. Figure out if any items will need special packing or care whilst moving them.
  • Figure out the moving situation: Research moving companies, or ask your Realtor if they have a trusted mover as one of their vendors. Get an estimate, and set up an appointment once you’ve found a mover that fits the bill. Then, make the moving appointment.
  • Organize your kids’ school records: Have them sent over to their future school.

Six Weeks to A Month Before

  • Cancel recurring charges and shipment: Check out our list here of Who to Notify When You’re Moving
  • Start acquire packing materials: You won’t have to scramble to buy and pop open all those boxes super close to time. Don’t forget tape, bubble-wrap and/or packing peanuts, permanent markers, wardrobe boxes, scissors, etc.
  • Take measurements at your new home: Especially so you’ll know if your furniture can make it through the door, and to know where you can put it.
  • Defrost the freezer: If it’s coming with you, be sure to defrost and empty it out about a day ahead of time.
  • Start eating: All of your perishable food needs to get eaten up before you move (especially if you’re moving far away.) So plan your meals around this, and even have some friends and family over for a going-away dinner.
  • Start packing: Those things that you sporadically use can be boxed up first. Think seasonal decorations, niche appliances you rarely use, off-season clothing, and more. Be sure to label what’s in each box, and which room it needs to be placed in. Next, separate valuables from the rest of the things, and take these with you on moving day.
  • Change your address: Do this about a couple weeks before your moving date so it will have a chance to go into effect.
  • If you’ll move on a workday, notify your job ahead of time.

A Few Days Before

  • Withdraw any cash you’ll need for moving day: To tip movers, order food, etc.
  • Verify the moving company is still coming at the scheduled date and time.
  • Take pictures of your electronics: It will be much easier to remember where all those cords go later on.
  • Fill a cleaning box: Once you move everything out, you’ll likely have to clean before you vacate.
  • Get utilities switched over: Confirm the day they’ll be changed over to your new house.
  • Pack a suitcase the day before: Once you move, you won’t want to dig through boxes to find your toothbrush the first night there. Pack some essential things you use daily.
  • Pack everything else up, and take inventory as you go.

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