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Time to Move? How to List Your Home

This year has been a great year for listing homes. Sellers have seen a steady increase in home value in Smyrna, GA. The rise in home value coupled with the low inventory in houses has lead to quick sales and many are thinking: maybe now is the time to list my home. So if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, make sure to keep these following points in mind!

First Impressions Can Win Hearts
Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing potential homebuyers see when they pull up. This gives them an initial feeling of the home and whether it need renovations, can they see themselves there, would they be proud of it? You can keep yourself in the running by keeping up your landscaping. Consider cutting back the branches of trees in the front yard, keeping your lawn mowed, and ensuring that there are no cobwebs or spiderwebs. Also take a good look at your driveway. Potential homebuyers will notice if your driveway is uneven, cracked, or falling apart.

Clean the inside
Just as important as the outside of the home is the inside, and it’s your job to make sure your home looks as clean and spacious as possible. You can do this with a few simple tricks. If you have any dark tones on your walls, consider painting the walls a lighter color, to give the illusion of space. Dark spots in carpets will also stand out, so consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned. You may even find that your carpet turns a shade or two lighter! One of the biggest things you can do is declutter, declutter, declutter. Having less items means having more space, and you can really open up a room by taking many personal items out. This is especially important for three spaces known for clutter: the kitchen, the closet, and the living room. If you’re having issues showing the true potential of a room, consider hiring a professional stager. They can quickly arrange your furniture, or help you rent furniture, in a style that’s pleasing to future homebuyers.

Professional Pictures
You’ve put all of this work into making your home beautiful, and now is the time to truly capture it. While phone cameras have come a long way, you may want to reconsider taking pictures of the home yourself. Instead, hire a professional photographer. A professional photographer will have insight on what features of the home to showcase, and where the best places to take the pictures are. Furthermore, they’ll have experience in photo editing, which will provide you with high quality, stunning photos for you to use. Remember, if you’re considering listing, your home is now a marketable product, and you want to showcase it in the best light possible.

Find a Real Estate Agent
There’s no person who understands the housing market better than a professional and qualified real estate agent. They’ll know the in and outs of listing your home, and how to market it to reach as many potential homebuyers as possible. Real estate agents can walk you step through step through the listing process, and ensure that all of your questions have answers. And if you really like your agent, you can even ask them to help you find your next forever home after yours sells.


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