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Simple, Cheap Upgrades to Give your Home a Facelift

simple cheap upgrades to give your house a facelift

Sometimes the littlest of things can go the longest way. If you’re not looking to throw down the big bucks, here are some seemingly minor upgrades to save your wallet-and your home’s appearance.

New Mulch & Plants
A fresh layer of mulch can make all the difference, especially when you’ve had to look at that old dirt for a while. It can really polish up a yard. Planting a small row of flowers, succulents, or another kind of plant can also spruce up the appearance of your yard in a minor yet important way.

Key-less Entry Pad
Especially if you’re one of those people who can never find your keys, a keypad on your door/s can make a big difference. It also allows for you to let your friends and family in, or anyone who is supposed to get inside when you’re gone. You won’t have to risk hiding a key for them in a stereotypical spot that burglars have definitely predicted. You can buy a key-less entry pad for around $100.

Motion-Sensor Lights
Not only are motion-sensor lights an investment for safety reasons (home intruders don’t like them), but they are simply convenient for you as well; you won’t have to worry about fumbling around in the dark for your things. They will cut some of your energy bill too, if you are prone to leaving your outdoor lights on frequently. Sensor lights sound expensive, but you can actually find them for very cheap prices.

Minor Paint Work
The smallest of scuffs and scratches on walls can make the nicest rooms seem a little more dingy. If your home has some of those suckers, it really is an easy thing to fix. There are tools available to help, like a small brush you fill with your paint that pushes it out onto a small surface area. You could even paint your cabinets, hardware, lamps, doors, trim, or individual walls for an easy, cheap, and fast update.

Change your Hardware
“The devil is in the details.” Not in this case. To change hardware on your drawers, cabinets, etc., all it takes is a screwdriver, and possibly screws. You can usually find them for low prices, and antique stores even have unique old, decorative knobs and hardware.


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