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Signs You’re Ready to Move

Signs You're Ready to Move

There’s a lot to factor into the decision of whether you’re ready to move into a new house: expenses, needs of you and your family, and more. Here’s how to know when you are actually ready to move.

  • Financially: Of course you need to make sure you have the funds to pay your desired mortgage rate, to keep up with any needed home improvements, to pay taxes, and more. If you are in fact able to afford a new houses and all these expenses that come with it, then you need to decide what size down payment you want to start out with.
  • Space-wise: Are you at your wits’ end about finding enough room for storage in your house? Have you even implemented all of the best organizational storage tricks you can find, only to remain out of room for all of your belongings? It may be time to upgrade.
  • Repairs and Upgrades: If you find yourself having to continually sink money into fixing necessary things in your house, it may be worth it more in the long run to buy another home.
  • Family Size: If you are adding to your family, or certain family members are moving out, then you may need to change the size of your abode accordingly. Also, if your kids are school-age, you might desire to move to another (better) school district, which would also add value to that house when you sell it later on.
  • Worsening area: If your current city and/or neighborhood is getting worse, like has an increasing crime rate, more foreclosures, etc., then it may be worth it in the long run to relocate now. Also, if your area has seen a steady decline in growth and popularity, you may get more money for your house if you move now as opposed to when your home will be worth less later.
  • Your vision for your current house isn’t possible: If there’s something you really, really want to add to, upgrade, or change about your house but is impossible to do, then you may be ready to move.
  • If you’ve changed how often you cook: If you started cooking less, and will continue to do so in the long run, then it may be better for you to have a smaller kitchen so that you can have more space you can use for other things. However, if you’ve started cooking more, then you may want a bigger kitchen.
  • Terrible commute: If you absolutely dread your commute to or from work every day, you may need to move so that you can be more satisfied and less stressed every day.
  • If you’ve been putting it off: Are you procrastinating moving, for whatever reason? Stop. Interest rates aren’t going to be low forever! Talk yourself out of any kind of unreasonable doubts or delays; you’re more ready to move than you think you are.
  • If your neighborhood/town doesn’t suit your needs anymore: Is your lifestyle different than the resources provided to you? You may be happier and more fulfilled elsewhere.


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