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Signs You Probably Need a New Roof

Signs You Probably Need a New Roof

Having a new roof over your head doesn’t always mean buying a new house. Maybe you’re planning on living in your current house for at least a little bit longer, or looking to increase the value of your home to be able to sell it more easily. Whatever the case, replacing your roof is a very necessary and important task.

Experts say 25-30 years is about what you’ll be able to squeeze out of a roof. Especially if the top shingles are layered over older ones, then you really need to consider getting a new roof. Even if it appears to look fine, that probably is not the case.

Curling Shingles 
Curling and losing granules are two things to watch out for. The two ways the shingles can curl are: if their edges turn upward, and if their middles come up while the edges lay flat.

Missing Shingles 
If there’s more than just a few shingles that disappear, then there might be a problem with the entire roof.

Cracked or Shedding Shingles 
A few cracked ones in one small area are probably a result of wind damage. However, if they are scattered all over the roof there may be a bigger issue at play. Also, if your not-so-new roof is shedding its granules into the gutter, this is most likely a sign that it’s nearing the end of its lifespan.

Seeing Light Through the Ceiling 
If you can see daylight while you’re standing in your attic, you probably already know that’s not a good sign. Other things besides light can and will slip in through those gaps. Check for stains, and moisture in the insulation. Monitor those gaps between and after rainfalls to fully know whether you have an active leak on your hands.

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