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Selling the Season: How to Prepare Your House for Fall Sale

home in fall -- home on wooded mountainside in autumn
Article originally published in the August 2017 issue of Our Town Magazine.

As the temperatures drop, people relax, and kids go back to school, it’s time for more than just fall. While many people think that spring is the best time to sell a home, fall is just as viable as long as you know how to sell the season! Buyers don’t only look in spring, people are looking for homes 365 days a year. Emphasizing your home’s seasonal amenities will help you sell your home any time of the year. Be sure to get on the market as it picks up after the slow end of summer!

For homeowners looking to sell in Autumn, it’s important to emphasize curb appeal and interior decorations that match the season:

  • Keep your lawn in shape: Even as summer ends, that doesn’t mean your green grass has to end! Take good care of your lawn and make sure you are watering it frequently, county permitting. Properly maintain your lawn by patching up any brown patches, keeping the dog in the backyard, and raking frequently to keep falling leaves away.
  • Transition to a fall garden: As summer plants begin to wilt and fade, plant colorful fall flowers and plants, like mums, in their place. If you have the funds, consider planting trees that turn red rather than brown in the fall.
  • Stage your house’s exterior: Seasonal decorations can add to your curb appeal – pumpkins, tasteful wreaths, and tri-colored corn can augment the appearance of your home. Stay away from colorful, flashing lights and blow-up decorations; stick to decorations that appeal to the widest audience. For a personal touch, have the kids gather colorful fall leaves and make a wreath using clear glue, leaves, and a paper plate cut into a ring.
  • Repair outdoor lighting: Fall brings shorter days, which may lead to showings in the dark. Make sure outdoor lights are clean and in working order. Broken, dirty lights will give prospective buyers a bad feeling before even stepping in the door.
  • Decorate your interiors for Fall: You don’t need to overspend to get a few fall-colored decorations for your home, like seasonal dinnerware and throws. Exchange light, summer curtains for heavier winter fabrics and trade bright summer colors for more subdued Autumn tones. Keeping your decor up-to-date will help the home feel current, stylish, and well-maintained to potential home buyers.

Before listing your home in any season, be sure to de-clutter. Pack away your off-season wardrobe and depersonalize your home so that the space feels open, allowing potential home buyers to imagine themselves living there. Selling your home is a big decision, but packing up your emotions can be one of the most beneficial decisions you can make as you start the process.

Capitalize on this beautiful time of year by consulting with a local Realtor and get a free market analysis to see where you may stand against comparable properties. A real estate agent can also suggest other items that need attention prior to listing your home. Rotten wood around windows, pressure washing, and further home staging are just a few items on the long list of things that a real estate agent can help take off your hands.

Speak to a Realtor before staging and photographing your home. Often, they will have recommendations for vendors who will prevent overspending, and ensure a positive return on your investment. A Realtor can help take your home-selling process from exhausting to easy.