Cobb County School District
The Cobb County School District (CCSD) is the second largest school system in Georgia, serving almost 110,000 elementary, middle and high students. There are 114 schools in the district, with 56 of them ranked at “Georgia Schools of Excellence” and 22 are National Blue Ribbon Schools.

Walton High School in Marietta / East Cobb is one of the most popular and consistently delivers some of the top SAT and ACT test scores. Brumby Elementary and King Springs Elementary schools were recently named 2014-2016 Schools of Excellence by the National PTA. This is an incredible achievement, as only 170 schools in the US received this designation.

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Popular Schools in Cobb County

Cherokee County Schools

The Cherokee County School District consists of 44 schools and centers: 14 elementary, Grades K-5; 10 elementary, Grades K-6; six middle schools, Grades 6-8; one middle school, Grades 7-8; six high schools, Grades 9-12; ACE Academy, alternative daytime program, Grades 6-12; Polaris Evening Program, alternative evening program, Grades 9-12; C3 Academy, online middle and high school program; Cherokee County Preschool Centers: Ralph Bunche Center, Johnston Preschool and Oak Grove Preschool; and L.R. Tippens Educational Center.

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Popular Schools in Cherokee County

Dekalb County School District

The Dekalb County School district serves more than 100,000 students in 143 schools and centers. Seven schools (three high schools, one middle and three elementary schools) participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and there are also a total of 14 Charter Schools in the district.

For those who are new to the area the districting can be a bit confusing, as the City Atlanta Public Schools serves the Atlanta portion of Dekalb county while City Schools of Decatur serves the school system in the City limits of Decatur. All areas outside of the city limits attend Dekalb County Schools.

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Popular Schools in Dekalb County

Fulton County Schools

Founded in 1871, the Fulton County School System is one of the oldest and largest school districts in Georgia. Fulton County has a long list of top ranked schools in many of the highly-sought after communities around Atlanta, from Buckhead to Alpharetta.

Serving almost 100,000 students with 58 elementary schools, 7 charter schools, 19 middle schools and 17 high schools. Of the 17 high schools, ten were named in US News & World Report as some of the top high schools in Georgia and the US.

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Popular Schools in Fulton County

Atlanta Public Schools

In 1872, the Atlanta City Council created the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) and opened three grammar schools and two high schools to educate the city’s children. Since that time, APS has grown to an enrollment of over 50,000 students with 22 high schools, 16 middle and over 50 elementary schools. The student / teacher ratio averages 1:20 and the school system is continually striving to improve the children’s educational experience with several intiatives including, ProjectGRAD, Effective Teacher in Every Classroom, and the Math and Science Initiative.

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Popular Schools in the City of Atlanta