How to Remain Calm While Renovating Your Home

How to Remain Calm While Renovating Your Home

Renovating your house can be a tedious, drawn-out, and messy process. However, there are certain “mind over matter” techniques that come in handy while you dodge the chaos.

Improve Your Entryway
Upon entering your home, you will probably feel more welcomed if you have an attractive front porch/door/yard. A few seasonal decorations, a new door, or new light sconces can do your home’s “face” wonders. A spruced up version of your home entryway can help change your frazzled mindset.

Implement Smart Storage
If things are accounted for and physically grouped and organized in your home, it will probably put your mind more at ease amidst the chaos and general disarray that renovating brings. Shelving, with storage bins, will help keep all of your things in tip-top order. You can also use closets and extra nooks and crannies under window seats, stairs, attics, and basements. Read this for more storage tips.

Create a Cozy Habitat
Since you’ll generally be spending the majority of your time in those rooms which aren’t being renovated, those are the rooms you’ll want to make as livable as you can, at least temporarily.  You can make some fast, easy upgrades that will have a sizable impact on your Cozy Factor. Paint, detailing, linens, cabinets, hardware, backsplash, and other decorative touches can make all the difference in how willing you are to spend a portion of your time in a certain room.

When the Going Gets Rough, Head Outdoors
When it’s warm enough to do so, look no further than the exterior of your home when deciding where to hang out. Have a patio, deck, porch, hammock, or general patch of grass to park yourself and soak up some Vitamin D? Perfect.

And remember: don’t have your mind fixed on fretting over the process. Instead, be sure to keep in mind what the end result will be! Your house will be more beautiful than ever, and it will be worth everything you put into it.

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