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Realistic, Useful Ways to Decorate With Antiques

Realistic, Useful Ways to Decorate With Antiques

When you think of antiques as a part of your home’s interior space, what comes to mind? Is it a stodgy, stale, and dated look that your great-great-grandmother’s house would have had? Using antiques in your home does not have to equate to antiquity.

Location, location, location
Where you place your antiques can be important in the overall look and feel of each of your rooms. If you distribute them too frequently and too evenly around the room, the space can end up looking like a museum or flea market. However, if they’re grouped together in one or a few areas, they can create a nice focal point for the room.

Beauty as far as the eye can see
Speaking of focal points, your antiques will look great as the room’s main one; especially for any area you can sit in, such as a living room or dining room. When they have a chance to shine, guests will love to use them as conversation starters. If they’re in plain sight, you will also get to look at them more frequently.

Intermingle the past and present
Location also includes the components that are interspersed amongst your antiques. It makes a room more interesting to have different elements and time periods incorporated than just one. Mixing different types of design aesthetics, themes, styles, etc. is a modern and updated style in itself.

A colorful past
A big trend in interior design right now is color grouping. You can experiment with arranging your antiques according to their colors, for a possibly playful and more modern aesthetic. Also, you can spray-paint them a different color than they are.

To each their own purpose
Turning old things into fresh ones is a fun, creative way to modernize and actually use your antiques. You can turn casserole dishes into flower pots or magazine holders, upholster old patio furniture, and infinitely more things.


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