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The Perks of A Real Estate Agent

The internet has allowed for incredible growth of industries and networking. If you’re a potential homebuyer or are thinking of selling your home soon, you may think that you can sell your home or a buy a home by simply using home listing websites. While many sites do an excellent job of listing what houses are for sale, there are incredibly important aspects of real estate that these sites cannot do. This is where having a seasoned and professional real estate agent can make a huge difference and make the entire process smoother and less stressful.

Having A Buffer
A real estate agent first and foremost acts as a buffer between you and other parties. If you’re selling a home on your own, you may have to contend with “potential buyers” who are simply curious people and don’t have a real interest. A real estate agent can take this obstacle off your hands by being the first point of contact for potential buyers. They’ll inform you about every real offer and all genuine interest. Furthermore, real estate agents can take the job of showings and open houses off of your hands. Instead of having to spend most of your free time showing your homes to people, your real estate agent will be more than happy to take on that responsibility!

A Large Network
A seasoned real estate agent brings to the table an extensive network of past clients and other real estate agents. This works great in your favor, because your agent will be able to work directly with other agents and their clientele. If you’re a seller, this dramatically widens the number of people who will learn about your home.  If you’re a buyer, you may learn about homes the day they’re put on the market, or learn about an opportunity even earlier! This can lower your competition and increase your odds of buying your dream home.

Marketing Guru
A great real estate agent will have a heavy background in marketing, and will be able to provide stunning advertisements for your home. They’ll consistently post ads for your home on social media, sending it out to their large network. It goes even further than website ads as well. Your home may appear in local magazines, snagging the interest of even more buyers. Your agent will also help you learn how to improve the marketability of your home with home staging tips and professional photos.

Knowing the Neighborhood
Your real estate agent will know their area and your neighborhood like the back of their hand. If you’re looking for a home, they’ll help you set your expectations for price and what home details that price will most likely include. If you’re selling your home, your agent will generate price comparables with nearby homes similar to yours. You can use these to set your expectation for the value of your home and what you’ll be able to sell it for in the current market.

Paperwork and Contracts
There’s a lot of paperwork that goes into buying or selling a home, and it can be overwhelming if you’re not used to dealing with contracts. A real estate agent will help you understand exactly what you’re signing and why. They’ll help you with any selling contingencies, and help you negotiate a fair price on your home.

Having a professional real estate agent by your side can dramatically change your real estate experience. If you have any questions, visit Deb on the Web for more information!