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What Not to Put in Your New House

what not to put into your new house

Having certain home items hanging around sounds better in theory than it actually is. Here’s what not to include in your new house.

Too Many Knick-Knacks or Items Purely for Decoration
A room can quickly become too cluttered simply from having oodles of objects everywhere. Try and pare it down if this is the case for you. Obviously, the essentials are the most important to buy/have first. If you do buy some extra non-essentials, spring for mirrors, plants, and art first. These are always classics, and you won’t have to rotate them out for something that just became “trendy” twenty minutes ago. They are staples in making a room appear bigger, “fresher”, and more vibrant.

“Organized” Clutter
Don’t just accommodate your clutter by placing it in organizers that you buy. Actually go through and really eliminate the essentials from the rest. What do you actually use? How many times a year? This will save you some money, because you’ll need less organizer space to fit what’s left. Hooks and baskets can be used both for decoration and for functionality.

Rarely Used Dishware & Appliances
Dishware that is “themed” with holiday motif can be more of a hindrance than a benefit if it takes up too much space when compared with how often you actually use it. This also applies to fine china, if you have too much of it. It may be a good idea to stick to more classic wooden and white ceramic dishware. Also, be sure to really ask yourself how often you’ll use appliances before you buy them. That big $400 juicer sounds good in theory, but will you really be using it every day 2 months from now, like you tell yourself you will? Single-purpose things like this can create this dilemma.

Anything “Trendy” That Will be Out of Date Soon
You may be tempted to spring for that ~super cute~ cutlery to introduce into your new house, but a basic, elegant design will be better in the long run. This applies to nearly anything. Sure, you’ll probably change your decor up some over time, but don’t fall prey to the newest trend every 5 minutes. You’ll save space and money.

Too Many of Any One Thing
Are you one of those people with 3 linen closets full of towels? You really don’t need that many duplicates of anything, unless you have a family of ten. This applies, but isn’t limited to, kitchen utensils, throw pillows, blankets, coffee mugs, etc.

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