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How to Maximize a Small Garden

how to maximize your small garden

It may seem like you’re stuck with limited options to make your small garden look good, but there are actually more options than you would think.

  • Have pots overflowing with plants. Use different shapes, sizes, and textures of pots, planters, tubs, buckets, and window boxes, and use plants with different shapes and colors (You could even use dwarf trees!) You could also stack these to create tiers. All of these create an array of focal points and depth.
  • Raised beds in planters: These are an option if what you want to grow in them needs a different soil, fertilizer, etc. than the surrounding area. It’s also a way to visually “break up” an herb garden or whatever else from the rest of the garden. Another option is to use tray tables. You could also stack planters on top of each other against a wall or fence, or put them inside gutters fixed to a fence.
  • Up-cycle tires by planting things in them.
  • Hang or place small terrariums around your garden to create more height and interesting elements to look at.
  • Hang colanders with plants for a vintage-y look.
  • Fill a birdbath with succulents.
  • Hang a shoe organizer or apron with segmented pockets over a wall or trellis, and fill the compartments with small plants.  Another option is to attach small potted plants (or plants in tin cans) to a vertical pallet, re-purposed shutters, or wooden ladder.
  • Lay pallets down and grow herbs or plants in the slots to “organize” them.
  • Re-purpose a dresser or table by putting plants inside the drawers.
  • Re-purpose a chair by removing its seat to replace with a plant.
  • Have a climbing plant on a patio wall or trellis.
  • Grow ivy over a fence to hide a part of the garden or yard from sight; it will seem bigger if you aren’t sure where it ends.
  • Use ivy and creeping plants to cover large portions of your garden. It’s less maintenance, and can make it appear larger.
  • Lay stepping stones or large cement tiles in places with a lot of shade; it’s easier than maintaining patchy grass. small garden small garden small garden

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