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Making a Georgia Garden

Home garden

With cold weather all around us, planning a garden or outside greenery might by the last thing on your mind. However, planning takes a good bit of time, and taking the time now to organize will allow you to get a head start and really dig in this Spring. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The type of soil: Different types of plants need different types of soil. This stems from how much drainage the plants need and the type of nutrients they require. Many backyards in Smyrna feature red clay, and if you don’t want to buy gardening soil you’ll have to find the right type of plants. A few beautiful plants that can grow in red clay include: baptista, hosta, and achillea.
  • The weather: Plants vary in their need of water, sunlight, and warmth. Make sure you take note of how many hours of sunlight your plot of land gets, and match the type of plant accordingly. It’s also important to be aware of how much rain water you do or don’t get. A few plants can actually drown if too much water fills the soil.
  • What you’re planting: If you’re planting a garden for vegetables and fruits instead of flowers, you’ll have to keep in mind peak planting and harvesting times. You’ll also have to take more extensive care in keeping the plants healthy so that the food you pick is safe to eat. If you’re planting hedges or bushes, be aware that you’ll have to trim them.
  • Taking preventative measures: If you have dogs, you may want to have a small fence around your garden to keep excited paws from trampling over your plants. Furthermore, make sure to keep plants of different types well separated so they don’t fight for nutrients and sunlight. Some vine plants have a tendency to latch onto plants and end up killing them.

The most important part of gardening is to enjoy it. It is a therapeutic way to stay outdoors and catch some sunlight. Furthermore at the end of it all, you’ll have a beautiful garden and a wonderful addition to your home.