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How To Make Your Home Warmer and Cozier

how to make your home warmer and cozier

As temperatures drop, you may look forward to spending more time all bundled up inside your home becoming warmer and cozier. Be sure and get the most out of your pseudo-hibernation mode by using these things to improve your immunity, energy usage, and interior aesthetics.

  1. Change your HVAC filter every couple of months, and more frequently if you have pets, to prevent dander, dust, allergens, and bacteria from coursing through your home.
  2. Vacuum with your thermostat set to “fan on” so you can get rid of what’s kicked up into the air. Leave that setting on until about 15 minutes after you’re done vacuuming for maximum affect.
  3. Place some plants around your home for better air quality; some indoor plants are adept at decreasing dangerous vapors and dust.
  4. Change your traditional wood or gas fireplace to a gel fireplace insert. These are smoke-free, eco-friendly, and give off less allergens. These are generally priced pretty cheaply.
  5. Seal up air leaks, since these are one of the biggest usual household energy-wasters. Don’t forget the cracks and crevices that aren’t windows and doorways.
  6. Dust off light bulbs and fixtures to make your home appear brighter-allowing you to leave extra lights off.
  7. If you were thinking of re-painting a room(s), go for warmer colors to create a more cozy and warm vibe.
  8. Add an interior window to a room next to a sunny place.
  9. Clean your windows, letting more light into your house.
  10. Remove your window screens through winter time, since these let less light in by trapping dirt.

Be warmer and cozier than ever this winter!

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