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How to Make Your Bedroom More Organized

how to make your bedroom more organized

Let’s face it- everyone has that one area they let their things pile up in. For a lot of people, this area is probably in their bedrooms, where they figure people won’t see it. However, just because your guests’ eyes won’t be on your room doesn’t mean yours won’t. You’ll feel more refreshed and centered with a tidier living space. That starts with making your bedroom more organized.

Cover up with curtains
There are so many options for the things you could divide off or conceal with curtains: bookshelves, closet racks, a bed, a sitting area. Curtains allow you to sort of mentally organize and divide things that have different purposes. They also can make your bedroom appear bigger or more “fluid” if what you’re concealing is bulky or too intricate compared to what’s around it. 

Baskets, cubes, containers, etc.
For those things you’ll need on a nearly day-to-day basis such as extra blankets, pillows, books, and magazines, you make them more organized by placing them in their own designated container. These containers can fit into so many different nooks and crannies in your room, like under the bed or a table, at the foot of the bed, and more. There are also an incredible amount of options for these in stores, that will fit with any room aesthetic you could imagine.

Add some bookshelves
If you don’t have enough space anywhere else in your room, add some bookshelves. You can put different things in them other than books such as trinkets, art, and store extra blankets and pillows as well. 

Seating that can be used for things other than sitting in is a plus. Whether it’s at the foot of your bed, by the window, or wherever else, it allows you to enjoy your room more, and also lets you have a designated spot to temporarily place those “in transit” things you’ll put away. Bonus points for seating that has built-in storage, like a trunk or ottoman.

Think around your bed
Don’t forget to take advantage of those places around your bed, such as under or behind it, that can maximize your storage and organization space. Behind your bed you could add wardrobes, etc., which could also give you a headboard if you don’t have one. Next, if you don’t have built-in drawers under your bed, you could put boxes or storage bags there to be better organized. 


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