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Living Greenery: Plants and How We Live With Them

As the designer Douglas Wilson says, “use plants to bring life.” But maybe plants can bring life to more than just your interior. Recent research has suggested that having plants around you is good for both your health and your productivity.

Plants Increasing Concentration & Memory

Several studies in recent years suggest that interior plants help people to better concentrate, both at work and at home. A study published in Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that the presence of greenery in an indoor setting boosted the ability of participants to focus and generated increased attention spans. Subjects working under the calming influence of greenery performed tasks better, with greater accuracy, and yielded higher quality results. Additionally, a University of Michigan study showed that taking a step outside to be in a natural environment can increase memory retention and attention span by twenty percent (Sewach).

Flowers Creating Happinessflowers in a vase -- plants

Having flowering or ornamental plants (or even just a nice vase of flowers) around the house helps improve moods and reduces stress. It also increases positive emotions and helps create an atmosphere of security and relaxation. Flowers are also a wonderful, easily-changed design element; you can use the color of flowers to shift the atmosphere of the space quickly. By adding flowers to your house, you can make the environment more secure, happy, and relaxed, and can add pop to your interior design.

Greenery Reducing Stress

Researchers have proved that those who spend time gardening and cultivating plants are less stressed. Gardening, landscaping, and caring for flora have been shown to be effective ways to reduce tension levels. Research has also shown that people who nurture plants have less mental distress than those who don’t. Having a hobby like gardening is a positive way for people to channel stress and frustration; by channeling these negative feelings into something beautiful like nurturing growing, living things, people get comfort and joy.  Transforming this stress into a positive emotion helps people learn good coping mechanisms for daily frustrations, and creates a positive way to deal with their negative feelings.

All of this goes to show: a little green in your house might be more than just a pop of color! Incorporating plants in your design can change your mood and how you experience your home.