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How to Liven Up Your Home’s Interior

How to Liven Up Your Home's Interior

Are you feeling like you want a change in your home’s interior, but you just don’t know what that change should be? 

  • Use a fun quilt as a table cloth
  • Shorten the legs of a taller table
  • Replace the legs of tables and chairs
  • Glue marble wallpaper on the tops of coffee tables, in trays, etc.; anywhere that would be appealing to you
  • Buy fresh flowers and/or tuck small plants into corners and other places
  • Use teapots or other interesting containers instead of vases
  • Fill your fireplace with candles if you don’t plan on burning wood
  • Add a rug or a few
  • Change your window treatments
  • Install wall hooks, or a key & wallet cabinet if you would only need hooks for keys.
  • Group small mirrors on a section of wall 
  • Write on your mirror with chalk markers or erasable window markers
  • Wallpaper a half-bathroom
  • Change your stairs; paint them, add a runner, etc.
  • Change the kitchen/bathroom faucet, hardware, and towel racks
  • Paint lamp shades/fixtures with patterns and designs
  • Paint lamps, vases, or any other accessory
  • Change or add a light fixture
  • Lower a pendant light or chandelier 
  • Drape blankets over the backs of chairs
  • Put groups of varying types of containers on your shelves, including kitchenware, vases, glasses, etc.
  • Cover headboards with textiles, or place one on the wall where a headboard would be if you don’t have one
  • Paint a section of wall with colored chalkboard paint
  • Paint just one or two walls a different color
  • Hang a rug as art on your walls
  • Or hang a large piece of art (you can use cables!)
  • Add something fun outside, whether it be a table to serve drinks on, a fire pit, a hammock, or whatever else. Interior interior interior

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