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Inexpensive Tricks to Spruce Up Your Home

inexpensive tricks to spruce up your home

It may seem expensive to decorate the “house of your dreams”, but there are some inexpensive tricks to make it look just as good, for a lower cost.

  • Investigate the look and feel you want your home to have. Go through magazines, Pinterest, blogs, watch HGTV, etc. and pick out elements you can find to buy, or buy inexpensive look-alikes of.
  • Use Craiglist, local Facebook “garage sale” groups, thrift shops, and apps/sites like OfferUp to find seriously reduced prices of normal to expensively-priced goods.
  • Go for timeless furniture and decorations, and neutral paint colors. Trends can be expensive to follow. If you want to add a few trendy touches, then pick a few cheaper elements that can be easily swapped out when they’re out of vogue.
  • Mix inexpensive with some high-end. The high-end pieces you choose should most likely be the most timeless things (that you’ll have for a while), and therefore will need to have good quality.
  • Spray paint cheap and/or old things to give them a breath of fresh air. An old scratched wooden table can look great if it’s given a coat of black spray paint, for example. Don’t forget about your lamps, which are easily spray-painted too. For a luxe feel, you can always use spray paint in metallic shades.
  • Add slipcovers to your pillows and couch for a new look with a low price.
  • Change out knobs and hardware for a new feel.
  • Change out lamp shades to spice things up. Also, the type of lighting can make a huge difference in the room’s ambiance.
  • Something as simple as adding in the sporadic plant around the house can breathe life into your home.
  • Consider buying furniture store floor models; they’re so much cheaper. Just make sure they’re still under warranty and there aren’t any hidden terms beforehand.

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