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Home Renovation Mistakes

home renovation mistakes

There are some things that can, and need to be, avoided during your home’s renovation.

  • Rushing into it: Before you get too excited, look at all your options. Deliberately weigh your options based on the right fit for your home and price. Consider your budget, the quality of the materials, the aesthetics, and the amount of work it will take to put it in your house. In order to avoid later regret, be semi-cautious about each decision.
  • Set a budget: Don’t go into the home renovation process without a semi-strict budget. Along the same lines as the point above, you need to understand just how much it will cost to do what you want to do. It might be awkward to have to stop your renovation right in the middle of it, and then hold off until you save up more money.
  • Hire the right contractor: You need to find a local contractor who is properly insured (just in case anything goes wrong), and who can also show you examples of his or her work (like a showroom). Avoid the contractors who are suspiciously too cheap- when business gets slow, some will under-charge homeowners just to survive, but then have to go out of business, and leave them high and dry. Do your research!
  • Lay out a clear vision: Don’t get too side-tracked by all those extra pretty, shiny things that you would just love to get your hands on. Keep a clear-cut plan and vision for what you are doing so that your budget won’t be blown to bits. Make lists, sketches, etc. to lay everything out. Also, be sure to keep a very clear line of communication with your contractor so they know exactly what you want. Have them confirm what you said you wanted, before they start planning and carrying it out.
  • Secrets: Sometimes renovations will unearth water damage, etc. which is more necessary to fix than your renovation is to complete for now.
  • Remember: not to accumulate too much clutter in your renovation area; this will create more stress, and make it harder to move around. However, plan out your ventilation, lighting, and how you will collect and dispose of trash. Don’t overlook dripping paint and damage to furniture! Also, remember to plan around your home renovations, accounting for areas of your home you won’t have access to, and when.

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