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Home Photography Tips & Tricks

home photography tips and tricks

Home photography can seem daunting and intimidating at first. It’s easy to see all those professional-looking pictures splashed across the internet and Instagram and feel like an average Joe can’t measure up. However, making your pictures look similar to these isn’t actually as hard as it seems. Keep these basic tips in mind when photographing your home.

Go Towards the Light
Lighting is the most important component of a good picture; it can make or break even the best of shots. Turn all of your available interior lighting on. Open your windows to try and gather as much natural lighting as possible. The “Golden Hour” is the most advantageous time of the day; the period either shortly after sunrise or before sunset.

What are you Trying to Convey?
Choose the message that you want to send to people. Do you want your house and/or life to appear cozy? Bookish? Regal? The arrangement of your items, furniture, and what you choose to tidy up or leave as “lived-in” all come into play to make up the bigger picture. Want to go for the warm and cozy feel? Leave those plush blankets sprawled across the couch, right next to that dog-eared book you just put down.

Play with Angles
The variety of angles and perspectives available, even just in one shot, will really open your mind up to all the options that are actually there. Experiment with the widest variety of shots that you can think of. The same room from a different angle can seem like a whole different one; even the smallest half bath can seem so much bigger when taken from the most opportune of perspectives.

Keep your Options Open
There are so many variables you can factor in or out when choosing the subject matter of your pictures. To leave those mixing bowls in the shot or to hide them away from sight? To move those bookends over an inch, or to turn them facing a different direction? Take a variety of pictures, experimenting with various detail changes such as these. In the end, usually what you feel to look and to be right is what you should end up sticking with.

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