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Home Decorating Trends for 2016

home decorating trends for 2016

While some things remain classics, it’s sometimes nice to get some fresh takes on them. Here are some projected home decorating trends for 2016.

  • Black stainless steel: Fingerprint-proof and more aesthetically pleasing than its silver predecessor; it remains part of the background and plays more into the minimalist ideal.
  • Formal Dining Rooms: Great for hosting, and great for spending quality time with your family over a meal.
  • Mismatched Cabinets: We’re not talking about having all different kinds, but rather two that pair well together.
  • Heated Entryway Floors: Okay sure, we know most people aren’t going to fork out the big bucks for these. However, the people who can and will, are going to be installing more of these this year in their homes.
  • Minimalist-Looking, Sleek Kitchen Appliances: People are finally ready for appliances that don’t just work with them, but with their kitchen too.
  • Uniquely Beautiful Tiles/Backsplash: Tiling and backsplashes have been increasingly used as a channel of self expression in home decor. With more options than ever, creating or changing a backsplash is a cheap yet advantageous home project.
  • Golden accents: Copper, rose gold, & brass are becoming the new “it” metals for home decor, including kitchen ware and appliances.
  • Scandinavian-Inspired Decor: The Scandinavian look is usually minimalist and somewhat “unfinished”, with whites, creams, and pops of neutral colors including black. It has some industrial elements, but also some natural/earthy ones mixed in.
  • Hidden Wires: There are more products that group and mask your wires than ever. There are also many DIYs for this same purpose all over the internet.
  • Shades of Gray: Maybe not as many as 50, but gray has definitely been en vogue lately, and probably will continue to be.
  • Statement Bathroom Mirrors: This gives you the chance to personalize your home even more, and to get rid of that generic mirror that comes with every other house.
  • Statement Light “Pendants”: They can complement a room very well, and take a theme or aesthetic even further.
  • Graphic Throw Pillows: They allow your personality to shine through, and for you to customize your decor even more to your taste.
  • Woven & Unique Textiles
  • Space-Saving: Clever storage, and hacks that let you save space where you never dreamed of before are the new “it” way to go. home decorating home decorating 

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