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Features Considered When Buying a House

things considered when buying a house

There are a multitude of things to look at when you are in the process of buying a house: the architecture of the house itself, the details, the updates and renovations, and more.

  • Location: Where your house is located is important; just as important are the features shared about its location. Some buyers might be looking for public transport. Some might want great parks, nearby restaurants, or shops. Most buyers will want to find a good neighborhood. Whatever the case, buyers need to know everything there is to know about where the house is located, because different buyers want different things.
  • The Lot: Lot size is usually pretty important to buyers, but lot steepness is just as important. Would you be able to add on to your house if you wanted a patio or deck in the future? Would the level of steepness ever affect water runoff in your yard, or the house’s foundation? Another thing buyers might consider is the house’s position on the lot in terms of direction it’s facing. The lighting and bills for heating and cooling will all be affected by this. Last, the proximity of the house to the ones next to it will play into buyers’ decisions.
  • Driveway Dimensions: Buyers need to know if their car will even fit in the driveway and the garage before they buy the house. Some buyers also have multiple cars they need to fit on the driveway, so driveway size may be an important factor. Another factor is the availability of street parking, especially if the driveway is smaller than desired. Some neighborhoods and communities may have strict rules about this.
  • Senior and Handicap Friendly: Many Baby Boomers are currently down-sizing, and looking for one-story houses that would allow them to age with the house. Some buyers need wheelchair access for when their friends or family visit, and maybe a bedroom on the main floor. These things are important to list if you’re selling.
  • Stair Size: Steepness and length of stairs are to be considered by buyers. No one wants stairs that are hard to climb.
  • Storage and Organization: Buyers look for storage space, especially if they are moving from a smaller house into a larger one. Basements, garages, attics, closets, pantries, and spare rooms are important for storage needs. On the same hand, these same buyers will look for built-in shelves, closets, renovations, and generally anything that would easily allow them to have improved and better organized storage.
  • Size of Rooms: The room’s defined purpose is key here (and we already know that if you’re selling it’s important to have clearly defined room purposes), so there might be a difference between labeling something as an office and labeling it as a spare bedroom. Buyers will mentally place their furniture in the rooms to see if it fits beforehand. Following this same point, if you’re selling, the layout and flow of your rooms can have a big impact on potential buyers. They will at least subconsciously realize if there’s a “flow” to the rooms or not; the easier the rooms are to walk through on a normal path, the better. Buyers also will look for how easy the flow is of going from an indoor space to an outdoor one.
  • Height and Type of Ceilings: Some of this depends on each individual buyer; some like high ceilings, or vaulted, or maybe tray. Ceilings are especially important to consider if you or the buyer has a tall person who will live in the house.
  • Size of Windows: Some people like and look for big windows more than others, but everyone likes at least some natural lighting.
  • Bathroom Numbers: This will probably be a very important factor in buying a house. Even an extra half bath on the main can be a determining factor in buying a house.
  • Kitchen Characteristics: Many buyers will look for an updated kitchen. If you’re selling, or will in the future, your kitchen is one of the best rooms to update in terms of return on investment. However, some things are sought after depending on personal taste, such as stainless steel, double ovens, and granite counter tops.
  • Location of Laundry: Laundry is a common and necessary occurrence, especially for bigger families. Convenience of the laundry room location will most likely be important for buyers to consider.
  • Heating and Cooling: Is the house’s system up to date and running smoothly?
  • Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness: Since some buyers look specifically for these, they’re important to mention if you’re selling. 

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