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Eight Easy Autumn Tasks to Protect Your Home

Eight Easy Yet important Fall Home Tasks

It’s that perfect time of year: right before it gets too cold and frigid, but after the heat of summer breaks. It’s the best time to get outside and admire changing colors of the season. That’s not the only seasonal change you should watch out for though; as much as fall brings to the table when it comes to outdoor fun, it brings some outdoor challenges for your home.  Here are some easy and quick tasks that will get your home in tip-top shape and ready for Autumn. As a bit of a bonus on this first day of fall, all of these tasks can easily be completed (or for the less home-repair-inclined, the handyman can be called) in a single day!

{1} Nourish Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn now will give your grass the nutrients it needs to bounce back vibrant and green in the spring. Even if your yard is already turning brown, the roots are still living. This “food” will let it grow to its full extent by providing ample nitrogen, a key ingredient to a gorgeous summer lawn.

{2} Clean and Upgrade Your Gutters

Yeah, you probably already know (and dread) the fact that you’ll have to clean out all that gunk from your gutters after the leaves fall. However, if you don’t already have drain spout extensions, getting them would be the perfect addition to your Autumn to-do list. Since leaves and debris can build up at the base of the spouts where they drain, the extension allows the drained water to get where it needs to be without the chance of being backed up.

{3} Clean and Bring Inside Your Patio Furniture

Even pieces labeled as “outdoor furniture” can become worse for the wear with too much exposure to the elements. Take off the cushions and clean off the frames with your hose and some diluted dish-washing liquid. It’s a good idea to bring them inside or at least store them in a contained area, like a shed, for the winter.

{4} Drain Outside Water Sources, Like Faucets and Water Lines

When water freezes, it expands. You don’t want your pipes to burst or crack! Make sure that all exterior water features are drained before winter hits.

{5} Reverse Your Fans

A clockwise direction for your ceiling fans pushes the warm air that’s higher up towards the floor. The switch can be found above the fan blades and flipping it change the direction your fan spins in. Doing this can cut your heating costs, so it’s clearly worth the price of a single flip of a switch.

{6} Keep Your Heating System in Check

Changing your furnace filter monthly is a good way to maximize the efficiency of your home’s heat. The filters also trap many things that you don’t want in the air, especially during “sick season”.

{7} Please, No Leaks!

It’s not too hard to see that the places air can enter or escape the easiest are your windows and doors. Check for gaps, and fix them; this is one of the best things you can do for energy and cost efficiency in your home.

{8} Keep Your Detectors and Alarms Working

Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide, and radon detectors are all overlooked, yet very important, precautions for your home. Make sure to test them and follow manufacturer recommendations on replacing them — many people are surprised to find that carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every 5-7 years, for example.

By following these simple steps you’ll be totally prepared for fall. Now all you need to prepare are the hot chocolate, rakes, and wreaths! Best wishes to you and yours this Autumn season!

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