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Easy-to-Miss Design Elements

easy-to-miss design elements

There are so many details that go into making up the “perfect home” that it is sometimes easy to miss certain do’s and don’ts of design elements. 

  • Wrong Paint Color: Paint that is too dark or too dark can really change the look and feel of a room. This is why you should test the paint out on a swatch of your wall, and let it dry completely before you fully decide to go with that color; the hue can change. If you messed up and painted a room too dark, you can paint a sheer glaze over it to lighten it up a bit, or create stripes or designs. Don’t forget to prime your walls with latex paint, especially if the previous color was more saturated.  Also be sure to check for paint blobs, drips, and runs while the paint is still wet.  Next, rooms that are each a different color might be too much. If you want different colors at all, it’s better to smoothly transition from room to room by having only a slight variation in hues.
  • Messed-Up Wallpaper: Wallpaper that is hung crooked, or is peeling, stained, etc. needs to be fixed when you can.
  • Messed-Up Grouting: Clean it if it’s dirty, but if there are chunks missing, then you need to re-grout. 
  • Unnecessary Holes in Walls: Spackle them up!
  • Leaky Toilets, Faucets, or Shower-heads: Replace; But if you already have, the leaking may be due to the existence of old sealing materials.
  • Wobbly Ceiling or Light Fixtures: Your appliance might be too heavy; build in extra support for it if that’s the case.
  • Flimsy Hardware and Doors: Heavy solid-core doors and door handles hold up better than hollow-core doors
  • Too Tall or Short Counters: They should be at a height that is optimal for their use.
  • No Built-In Storage: If you’re in the process of finding a house, then be sure and mentally accommodate for all of the things you need stored. If you’re already settled in a home, then consider adding open (or closed) shelves. 
  • Wrong Lighting: Layer lighting: have more than one light source in every room; Try and put them at varying heights and levels of brightness to get the best array of lighting. 
  • Crammed-In Furniture: Give your furniture some room to breath. Don’t over-clutter your furniture.
  • No Focal Point: Make a focal point in each room. It doesn’t have to be overtly obvious, but something that the eye will naturally be drawn to is the best.
  • Too Much Clutter: Try and keep as many clean lines as you can. Also, narrow down the number of decorations and collectibles you have all over your house. Chances are, if you feel like there are too many, there probably are. Experiment with scale size of decorations and objects to make clutter even less monotonous.
  • Too Theme-y: Don’t make it seem like a theme just threw up onto your living room. It’s better to be able get the jist of the room without it being shoved in your face.
  • Too Bland: Give the room some life and personality, (especially if the room is mostly decorated with neutral or muted colors) whether it be in the form of an antique, a quirky piece of art, a colorful pillow, or a plant.

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