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Easy Ways to “Makeover” a Room

easy ways to "make over" a room

Feeling tired of the same old, same old in your house? Even just a subtle difference in one room, or a few, can make all the difference. Don’t worry about making drastic changes if you want to “makeover” a room; instead, save time, money, and energy, and go for changing some seemingly more subtle things. 

  • Create collections: They don’t have to be matching things, but they should go together well. You can group porcelain objects, small figurines, etc., and put them in places such as your dining room table, mantel, and more. Another way to utilize this is by covering a wall with plates; its has the same feel as one big piece of art.
  • Put rugs in your hallways: This might be better with hardwood floors, but either way, it’s a sure way to dress up and makeover your halls.
  • Add pops of color or pattern: You can do this with pillows, figurines, tablecloths, etc. to draw attention to certain areas of your house. You can also use color in open, neutral-colored shelving for a fresh look; either use a bold-colored object, or paint/wall-paper the wall behind the shelf. You can add a patch of wallpaper to smaller areas like bathrooms.
  • Mix elements together: If you have one steady theme in a room, such as traditional or modern, then add in an element of another theme for a fresh vibe.
  • Play with paint: You can liven up your walls by painting only halfway up the wall, or by painting a pattern such as wide stripes. There are many ways you can implement paint patterns. You can also paint the floor of a small room.
  • An extra interior curtain: This can separate a room into two sections to conceal, or simply divide. A great use for this is in a smaller kitchen, separating the prep area from the breakfast area.
  • Change up furniture: Use old curtains to reupholster chairs. Mix and match furniture pieces. Paint a piece of furniture white- chairs, tables, you name it. White furniture looks very airy and elegant, and “fits” in almost any room.
  • Rearrange your furniture: Move furniture away from walls, and be sure to account for the natural flow of traffic in the room. Also, arrange the furniture to allow conversation between people.

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