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Easy Bathroom and Kitchen Updates

Easy Bathroom and Kitchen Updates

The holidays are quickly approaching, which might mean you’re going to have some guests coming over. And let’s face it- the two rooms they’ll see the most are probably your kitchen and bathroom. Even if you won’t have any guests over, you still might need some refreshing updates for the coming new year, or a cheap investment for when you sell your house.

If you swap out your sink fixtures and light fixtures, these seemingly minor things can truly make a difference in changing the room’s ambiance. Each detail of a room goes into determining the room’s “message” and mood. Not to mention, every time you turn on your light or faucet, you’ll be able to enjoy this new change in your home.

Details, details, details. Hardware (like drawer handles), rugs, towel racks, soap dispensers, art pieces…They all make up the room’s “message” and theme as well.

Cabinet Color
The colors surrounding you can really change your mood and outlook. They also can really update a room; they’re what can make the difference between a “60’s puke-y avocado-green living room” and a more current neutral gray. An effective yet easy DIY is simply to paint your cabinets.

These updates can really bring a breath of fresh air to your home for a small price, and for a small amount of time put into them as well.

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