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Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating

do's and don'ts of decorating

When you’re decorating a space, you probably know there are certain things that can make a room less appealing than others. Here are some easy do’s and don’ts to keep in mind during the decorating process.


  • Have a trunk or ottoman that doubles as a nightstand or end-table
  • Use the space on or in your coffee/end table to your advantage by placing baskets or organizers there
  • Use trays to better group and organize your items
  • Add in baskets and shelves that look good and are functional
  • Have some sort of texture, including pillows, rugs, throws, etc.
  • Include neutral or muted colors alongside pattern/s
  • Include different types and sources of lighting


  • Have TOO many throw pillows
  • Have too many objects and decorations that take up too much space and leave the room feeling cluttered
  • Too many things filling up your bookshelves
  • Too many prints and patterns in one area
  • Too many seats or sofas that aren’t even comfortable
  • Paint rooms in loud colors
  • Have white walls or floors if you have kids and/or pets
  • Make every single thing in the room symmetrical in shape or in arrangement
  • Ignore the scale size of the furniture vs. the room
  • Scatter knick-knacks all around the room

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