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Current Kitchen Trends – May 2016

Current Kitchen Trends - May 2016

Home trends may come and go, but some also stick around for a while-especially kitchen trends. Here is a list of the latest ones. 

  • Muted color palettes: Grays, charcoals, and even muted pastels are making their way into kitchens near you.
  • Metal range hoods: Metals are in, and will most likely stick around for a while. Wood ranges are moving aside to make room for metal options.
  • Kitchen open to the living space: Those darned popular open floorplans are probably here to stay. An integrated kitchen and living space puts a focus on family time, and also the option of watching your kids (and the TV) while you cook.
  • Textures: Specifically a few textures that work together. Also, using the same texture in different patterns throughout the kitchen is trendy.
  • Some mid-century mod details: Simplicity, wood that’s light in color, and more.
  • Cabinetry with light: Light tape strips are great below cabinets, above them, inside them, and/or when paired with recessed can lights or other depths of light.
  • All-purpose bakeware: With more of an emphasis on functionality and multi-function capabilities, it’s no surprise these are popular.
  • Custom backsplash: Design-your-own tiles are en vogue. the options are never-ending.
  • Metallic accents: Rose gold, brass, and copper are used more for accents, fixtures, hardware, and more.
  • Galley kitchens: This is a trend of the past, and is back. This style makes moving around and completing tasks easier.
  • Functionality: Multi-taskers. Almost anything that can do this is popular.
  • Black and white palette: High-contrast palettes and accents are in; this color pairing included.
  • Unique, eye-pleasing light fixtures: Pendant lights, light fixtures over the island, and more can make great additions to your decor.
  • Storage maximization: People can’t always make their kitchens bigger, but they usually can, and do, acquire more things. This means more storage is necessary. The trend lately is to maximize storage space by finding creative, effective ways to go about this.
  • Farmhouse style: Apron-front sinks, hardwood floors (especially light hardwoods), open shelving, lots of windows, wood accents, a big wooden table, freestanding cabinetry, and more.
  • Hardwood floors: We’re seeing less linoleum and tile, and more of this.
  • White cabinets: A popular alternative to stained wooden cabinets.
  • (Hidden) docking stations: Families are more on-the-go than ever, and also more plugged in; it’s no wonder they want the ability to juice up their devices, wherever they are.
  • Wine refrigerators: Wine is trendy right now, and so is the storage for it.
  • Granite countertops: Yes, these have been a trend for quite a while already. However, they’ll probably stick around for a while longer.
  • Look-alike granite countertops: People have turned to granite look-alikes, like laminate counters with a granite pattern, to save their budgets.

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