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Home Design Trends Expected to Dominate in 2017

Home Design Trends Expected to Dominate in 2017

2017 is underway, and there are some trends that have ushered themselves into the new year and promised to stay. If you want to visually update your house and improve its value, there are a large array of things you can do, ranging from low-budget to high-budget projects. If you’re curious about contemporary home design trends, here is my guide to design trends in 2017!

Updating Colors

The first thing to do going into 2017 is to leave the drab behind: Greenery is the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, and it’s so versatile that it can be as useful as a neutral. Greenery is the brightest Pantone Color of the Year so far, and it is intended to bring to mind verdant foliage and with it, revitalization, rejuvenation, and reassurance. If you want to brighten up a room, or if you’re looking for something new, something fresh, try updating pillows, art, or walls to display Greenery. There are so many color palettes that go with it; its youthful vibrancy can be paired with older, more stately colors to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Pantone / Alec Hemer / Alyssa Rosenheck

If this green just doesn’t do it for you, there are more color trends inbound.

Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

For a more subdued and tranquil look, try pairing white with off-white. Being the tranquil duo that it is, white and off-white will most often be found in bedrooms. The pairing gives more warmth and elegance than an all-white look, but is soothing enough to let even the busiest individuals take a breath. Black steel and glass are also making their debut, and go well with this color combo — doors, back-splashes, or tables, these materials can help lend a feeling of luxury and modernity to a room. If you’re looking for a look that is elegant but retains depth, combining this neutral pair with and metals and glass is a great option, as long as you feature plush furniture or carpets to retain the warmth of the whites.

If steel isn’t to your liking, satin brass fixtures are expected this season. Not quite the same kind as those shiny brass fixtures frequently seen in master bathrooms from the ’80’s-’90’s, these are more subtle and muted. Satin brass also goes well with whites, and won’t drain as much warmth from a room as steel often does, giving your room a similar feeling of modernity with a warmer twist.

Ingrid Rasmussen for The Daily Mail / 47 Park Avenue / Emily Johnston for Lonny

The final color feature in 2017 are contrasts: using contrasting color helps create more complete looks, while being different enough to really change the feeling of a room. For instance, if the cabinetry in your kitchen is all white, then a black island top could add depth and style. Remember, colors don’t have to be identical to match! Often, the best color pairs are on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Other color trends for this year feature mixed patterns, faux finishes, and unusual textures. This is the year to shake it up!

Refreshing Structures

If you have a little more money to spend on updating your home, consider minor remodeling projects. Begin in the entrance of your home: create a unique and welcoming entryway. Think hooks, art, nice light fixtures, tables, and more, but don’t be afraid to build out benches or install custom organization to really open up your house. The entryway is the first thing visitors see — setting the perfect atmosphere here to lead into that of your home is essential. / Patrick Sutton Associates / Superior Wood Products

Beyond the entryway, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are at the top of the 2017 home remodeling trends. 

Laundry rooms are often the most over-looked room in the house, but more and more homeowners have been updating their laundry rooms to include better lighting, storage, sinks. “No stone left unturned, no room left undone”, as the old adage goes.


In the kitchen, warm-tone wood cabinets, subway tile, and maximizing kitchen storage are at the top of many homeowners’ wishlists in 2017. Tile is especially important, from graphic floor tile to add character, detail, and depth to all-white or monochromatic kitchens, to walls made entirely of subway tile in kitchens and bathrooms.

As for bathrooms, they have their share of trendy updates as well. One of the top DIY remodels of 2017 are re-purposed vanities. Sometimes the right vanity can’t be found at some big-box store. It’s possible, and a growing trend, to convert an old chest-of-drawers, or similar furniture, into your vanity of choice — complete with sink. And that sink? Unique bathroom sinks are also big this year. In addition to the focus on unique “feature” pieces, even bathrooms are experiencing the move to more efficient storage, as owners are utilizing extra space in bathrooms. Especially in small bathrooms, it’s an increasing trend to see homeowners building cabinets between wall studs, so that the storage doesn’t take up any extra space in the room. Other trends that will be seen in bathrooms can be found in the detail: wainscoting, chair rails, and wood paneling are just a few of the smaller details that owners are focusing on in bathrooms this year.

One final note for structure: don’t forget that there’s more to your house than the interior! Now could be your time to take another look at landscaping, especially in often-missed areas like side yards.

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