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Current Home Decor Trends – Spring 2016

Current Home Decor Trends - Spring 2016

Spring is a time for inspiring and bringing about new changes- including fresh home decor trends.

  • Graphic Tiles: Certainly a trend that has come in and out of style, but who’s to say it’s not here to for good this time? This allows for a lot of home personalization, and also for a statement accent.
  • Sectional sofas: As a low-key trend that’s been around for years, it seems as if it might stick around. People have recently started to move back towards functionality as a main focus in their house and their belongings. Because who doesn’t love a big, comfy couch you can choose the shape of?
  • Natural (including reclaimed) materials: From pallet benches to reclaimed wood tables to stone accent pieces, this trend puts an emphasis on both the rustic look, and the “green” movement.
  • Black and white: One of the newer home decor trends has been all-white rooms (or nearly). Yet lately, there has also been a popular black-and-white look, which is sometimes paired with a pop of green from a potted plant or succulent. If you don’t want to commit to the full black-and-white look, then you can paint a window frame black in an all/nearly-white room.
  • Statement light fixtures: There have been almost limitless options popping up for this new trend. Pendant lights are a popular trend, which are lights that hang down. You can utilize this trend while still having a simple space.
  • Interesting stairs: Certain styles of houses (like contemporary) include stairs as a focal point more than others (think suspended stairs). This may look out of place in more traditional homes, but if you have the right space for it, then renovating your stairs may be a nice investment.
  • Open floorplans: Since families are increasingly busy, there’s a need for a space where everyone can be together while simultaneously doing the things they each need and want to do. It also makes the house seem bigger, and allows parents to better watch their children.
  • Minimal design: The minimalistic aesthetic has been in and out of style over the years, but it’s back, and in a way that frees up clutter, and makes your home easier to take care of and more functional.
  • Calm color palette: Cold shades of gray were popular last year (and not just the fifty). However, the latest decor trends in color have still been some grays, but with more warm stone hues than cold hues. The calm color popularity is possibly due to people attempting to find a calm space amongst busy lifestyle chaos.
  • Warm-toned metals like copper and rose gold: Home accents with these metals have been increasingly popular. From lamps to planters to clocks, these are perfect paired with natural elements like marble and wood.
  • Smooth tech: Technology that’s smooth in texture, shape, and functionality has arrived. Consumers have proved that they want technology that’s innovative, fresh, and that aesthetically works with its background, and even serves as part of it.
  • 1970’s inspirations: Think geometric shapes, bold accent colors, and earthy elements.
  • Rounded furniture: This may be an ode to the mid-century modern movement, but it’s probably also one of funtionality and space-saving tactics.
  • Old-world/ethnic/folk textiles & artisan goods: These are having their moment; hand-made options are especially popular. This style is a great accent paired with a simple/neutral aesthetic.
  • Industrial design: Think painted or exposed brick, cement floors, iron, Edison bulbs, black matte metal, dark wood, etc.
  • Texture as a speaking point: Unique textures have become more popular to have as accent pieces, as complementing pieces for more neutral/plain elements, and even for contrasting against other textures.
  • Minerals like geodes and quartz
  • Geometric accents: Like pentagonal candle-holders, rhombuses painted on walls, etc.
  • Timeless materials like marble, brick, subway tiles, & hardwood floors are one of the more permanent home decor trends
  • Matte finishes
  • Blue-and-white tableware: Think classic British tea china.
  • Leather details

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