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How to Create an Organized and Productive Home Office

how to create an organized and productive Home Office

It may be easier for your home office to get messier than a regular office, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Get your best work done with these tips.

  • Have a big calendar or message board on your wall. It will be somewhat of a decoration (or at least something to cover a blank wall) and be highly functional as well. It can also spur creativity if you decide to write quotes that inspire you on it, doodles, post pictures, etc. If you choose a white-board or magnetic chalkboard, you can stick magnets to it as well. Most importantly, you’ll get a quick, efficient reminder of what your schedule and/or to-do list looks like just by glancing up.
  • Build up. If you have a smaller home office, think about installing tall bookshelves to keep things in, as opposed to bulky filing cabinets or the like. Also think about having floating shelves, or any other wall-mounted fixture, like possibly a desk.
  • Organize your drawers. Drawer organizers are life-savers, especially if you’re good at creating junk-drawers. It won’t only save you time you would have spent trying to find something, but it will also keep your mind out of chaos mode.
  • Organize your cables. A mess of unruly cables gets in the way, and also creates visual clutter and chaos. Buy stick-on chord organizers or use Velcro strips, and label each chord with what it goes to.
  • Color-code. This works very well for filing cabinets, or really anything document-related. This is an option for labeling your chords too.
  • Create different zones. You’ll most likely work more efficiently if you have these task-related work zones that allow you to have a work “flow”. If things are grouped according to their purpose and what you’ll use at the same time, it will be easier to stay on track and work efficiently.
  • Have a paper station. Whatever you may need to do with documents and papers, like processing, reading, sorting, etc. You can organize this even further using baskets, trays, etc., but keep it all in one area. Having too much paper all over can drag any office down if it’s all over the place.
  • Don’t forget the upkeep. Schedule a block of time per day or week to tidy your home office up, and to get rid of papers, digital files, and for computer/technology maintenance.

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