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How to Create a Great Home Office

how to create a great home office

Working from home is pretty awesome, but sometimes it’s so awesome that it’s a distraction. Here are some tips to create a home office conducive to working.

  • Try and find a space that doesn’t make you think of other, non-related things; if your bedroom only makes you think about sleeping, then you might want a more neutral space to work in. If you have a TV in your space that you know is going to distract you, then take the initiative and either move the TV, or move to a different location. Take into account the direction you’ll be facing, and what will be in your line of vision from where you sit. Keep that psychological boundary between where you work and where you live.
  • Be comfortable. Find a chair with good support and that’s a good size for you. You don’t want to feel the urge to get up and walk around ten times an hour simply because of discomfort.
  • Make sure your lighting is good. Whatever light you work best in, whether it be natural, yellow,  or fluorescent, invest in the appropriate lamp/s based on your preference.
  • Stay organized. Studies have shown that a cleaner, more organized work space allows you to be more productive. Do whatever you need to do to work more efficiently: get rid of things, move them to a different location, or organize them in containers. Keep an effective filing system, and a place for each thing you’ll need and use (don’t forget about your desk drawers!) Don’t hesitate to buy some more shelves, cabinets, or dividers.
  • Keep a calendar, planner, or sticky notes around. You’ll need help to organize your schedule, work, and life.
  • Wrangle and organize your electronics. Chances are, you’ll be using at least one at all times. Charging stations are great for keeping everything in their designated places. If you are the type to get distracted by technology, then be sure and keep the station out of sight.
  • Keep positive vibes. Whatever drags you out of the work doldrums: pictures, quote plaques, decorations, and plants are all small and cheap ways to uplift your mood.  home office home office 

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