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Common Home-Selling Mistakes

common home-selling mistakes

There are some common mess-ups that occur during home-selling. Whether these mistakes be emotionally-based, financially-based, or just from lack of knowledge, they can still be nipped in the bud before they occur.

  • Not understanding or improving your home’s first impression: First, make sure your house looks good from the first appearance- the outside. Trim bushes and shrubs, mow the grass, freshen up the pine straw and mulch, and make sure the paint looks fresh enough. Next, when anyone sees your home, they want to be able to picture themselves living there. Take down the pictures, personalized plaques, and anything that is just too much. Remove any clutter, and be sure and clean and tidy up your house. 
  • Attempting to go the for sale by owner route: since it’s “low-cost” it may seem more tempting to do. However, this is the worst mistake you can make. Real estate agents generally know what they’re doing, and they can help you with the buyers’ end of things, the contracts, real estate jargon, and so much more. The stress, time, and confusion are not worth having in the long run; hire a realtor.
  • Find a qualified agent: Research your agents beforehand. Usually, the ones who know the area and the comps surrounding your house are better qualified. The best ones are also expert negotiators, and will host open houses if you ask them to.
  • Disclose everything: To avoid lawsuits, disclose everything you’re supposed to. Be upfront about the condition of your house; most things would be found in a home inspection anyways.
  • Make a fair, reasonable, price: Know the comps directly surrounding you. These are important for knowing the right price point for your home. If your house is more renovated than the ones around you, don’t set your expectations too high for how much you will make back. 
  • Don’t be too picky with the first offer: Remember that offers are negotiable, so the potential buyer will most likely put theirs in lower than they are actually willing to pay. Another way to make up for a low offer is to request the buyer pay for repairs or closing costs. Listen to your agent as well; they will probably know the right price, and if you’re expecting too much.

Happy home-selling!

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