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Your Checklist for Having House Guests

Your checklist for having house guests

It’s that time of the year- the time for your family, friends, and loved ones to come together. Naturally, this might mean you’re going to have house guests. You might be really stressing out over getting things done in anticipation of their visit, but if you stick to this basic checklist, you’ll get these things done long before their arrival.

  1. Tidy: You don’t have to have a replica of Martha Stewart’s home, just be sure to pick up those straggling items and put them in their designated place. Wipe down surfaces, empty the trash cans, and put stray papers and mail out of sight. Also, vacuum or pick up those little pieces of trash and debris that might be laying around on the ground.
  2. Clean and Supply the Guest Bathroom: The bathroom is a bit more important to be clean for guests than other rooms. Would you want to be staying somewhere with a ring around the toilet bowl, and a dangerously low stock of toilet paper? Neither do your cherished guests! Spend a little bit more time cleaning the toilet, shower, sink, mirrors, and floor than you would in the guest bedroom. Also be sure to pour more soap in the dispenser, change out the towels and leave extra ones, leave a supply of toilet paper visible, and possibly air spray, shampoo, and lotion. If you want to go the extra mile, supply guests with an extra toothbrush and a bathrobe.
  3. Double-Check Guest Bedroom: Make sure the light bulbs in the guest bedroom are working. Extra credit: having candles, flowers, water bottles, power strips, snacks, and books.
  4. Compile and Situate Your House Information: Leave in their designated room the wifi password, a house key if they need one, emergency numbers, etc.
  5. Keep Well-Loved Breakfast Items in Plain Sight: Most people want their habitual fix in the morning, whether it be a certain type of coffee or what they eat. Find out ahead of time what their preferences are, and put them out in plain sight (and show them where they are) so that they don’t have to wait for you in the mornings.
  6. If Needed, Kid-proof: Secure medicines and household cleaners somewhere that kids wouldn’t have access to, move fragile and expensive items, buy outlet covers if there are young kids, etc.

The main thing is to picture yourself as the house guests, and in your mind, walk through the actions you would take. Remember, the main thing is to enjoy your house guests’ company!

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