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Biggest Interior Design Mistakes

biggest interior design mistakes

Sometimes there are things in your house that seem insignificant and unnoticeable enough to change. However, as unimportant as these things may seem, they are each an element of design, each factoring into the equation of aesthetics. Here are some design mistakes that are easy to make in your home’s interior.

  1. Devoid of personality: It may feel good to have a very neat, tidy, organized house, but if it’s TOO spic and span, it could feel like a hotel. You want to make it seem lived-in and let your personality shine through. People want to feel welcome in your home, not extremely cordial.
  2. Too much clutter: As mentioned in #1, there’s a necessary balance to find between tidy and cluttered. Just as too devoid of personality is a no-go, so is having too much chaos and clutter. A few intentionally placed medium-to-large sized pieces will look best in each room. Unless you’re going for the flea market vibe, try and stay away from jumbles of small knick-knacks. Less is more.
  3. Too matchy-matchy: When it feels like you’re actually living in an Ikea, it may be time to rethink your design choices. Sure, it’s nice to have coordinated decor like furniture sets, but there’s a difference between cutting and pasting your room from a catalog, and making it your own.
  4. Wrong-sized rugs: Try and find a rug that extends to at least the parameter of your furniture set. Many people accidentally get rugs that are too small, making them appear as if they’re floating.
  5. Curtain blunders: Having no curtains can make windows look too bald and under-dressed. Even a different type of curtain than the generic kind can make a good impact on the entire appearance of your room. That being said, curtains that are too short for the window can look bad. Try and find curtains that graze the floor or a tiny bit longer, and position the rods below the crown molding.
  6. Badly-placed art: Art should not be hung too high on your walls. Be sure and position it around eye-level, which is generally about 57 inches from the floor.
  7. Excessive open-faced shelves: If you have the option to go for shelves with doors, then do it. However, if you’re stuck with open shelves, then try and only display strategically placed, decorative things. Let your true clutter be rounded up into something that is contained and closed.
  8. Over-reliance on stainless steel: Feel out the mood and aesthetic your kitchen has without the appliances. The more rustic and cozy the vibe, the less likely it is stainless steel will make your kitchen appear better or more fitting. Especially when the cabinetry and elements surrounding the appliances are not as modern or flashy, the better it is to keep the natural flow going with something similar to what’s already there. For instance, a stainless steel fridge might feel a little out of place in a country farmhouse-esque kitchen.
  9. Generic switch-plate covers: If you’re styling a room to look a certain way, then don’t forget to change your basic switch-plate cover. It might seem like a minor detail, but it will go towards tying the whole room together. Design mistakes are sometimes easy to make, but keep in mind that they’re just as easy not to!

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