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How to Arrange Furniture In a Small Space

How to Arrange Furniture In a Small Space

No matter how much space you have for furniture, you can probably agree that occasionally you feel like there’s just not enough room for everything. Here are some steps to arrange furniture in a way that will eliminate that feeling for good.

  1. Plan the layout according to the function of the room. What do you want your room to “be”? What purpose will it provide you and your family, and how important is that going to stay to you? How many people will be in that room at any given time? Once you’ve decided these things, think about where your furniture will go. Decide this before you start trying to actually move it around, and it will save you precious energy and time.
  • Plan a focal point according to the room’s function. A TV, fireplace, table, etc. all will do.
  • Think about traffic. What is the general flow of people? Where in the room is it most natural for them to walk? Keep furniture out of foot traffic’s way, and keep a path moving around furniture.
  • Plan around large pieces, like couches and beds. Think about where these will be located in the room, and space everything else around these.
  • Accommodate space for comfort items like lamps and tables.
  • Remember that symmetrical layouts give a room more of a formal vibe, while asymmetrical does the opposite.

2. Using visual tricks can make your room appear like it has more space, even if it really doesn’t have much.

  • “Float” your furniture away form the wall. 3-4 inches of space between it and the wall will make the room seem a little less compressed.
  • Decorate with mirrors to give the appearance of a more expanded space.
  • Prevent furniture from covering any part of windows or doorways in a room.
  • Decorate with glass and lucite tables, etc. to keep the visual flow going.
  • Experiment with angling your furniture in different ways to make the room look bigger.
  • Use different lighting sources to give more depth to the room.

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