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8 Reasons to Buy New: The Hidden Value in New Construction Homes

new construction home - just the wood frame of the house with particle board shaping it and the roof
Article originally published in the November 2017 issue of Our Town Magazine; reformatted for the online medium. 

So you’ve decided it’s time to buy a home, but what kind of home are you looking for? Style, stories, location, and price all factor in, but many people don’t consider another important element: age. The older a home is, the more likely it is to have deep-rooted problems that could cost you thousands after closing to fix. On the other side of the coin are newer homes. While new construction homes may not have some of the character and story attached to older buildings, they have much, much more.

Reasons to Buy New Construction Homes

new construction home

  1. Personalization: When you buy a new construction home, you can opt to get in at the start of the construction, near the end, or once it’s completed. The level of personalization get depends on the stage you come in on. Regardless of stage, you can work with the builder to customize the home before construction is completed. Whether this is choosing which builder-grade materials are used or negotiating for upgraded finishes, you can get your own personal touches in a home without lifting a finger!
  2. Modern elements: An additional element that new homes provide is modern design. New homes come with features that are in demand for today’s lifestyles, including open floor plans, larger rooms, an emphasis on natural light, walk-in closets, and more. New construction homes are more likely to reflect your modern lifestyle than homes built ten or even twenty years ago.
  3. Efficiency: Add up new construction elements, new appliances, and new building codes, and you get greater energy efficiency! New homes not only have more stringent building codes aimed at increasing efficiency, they also have more efficient insulation and windows. All of these elements translate into you spending less on your utility bills every month, money that you would otherwise be spending in older homes with less efficient components and appliances.
  4. Safe & healthy: New homes mean new technology: new wiring, new building materials, new alarms. New homes are even healthier, as they are built using low- and zero-VOC paints & building materials, yielding better indoor air quality. If you come in early enough on the build, you can even opt for “smart” technology that can allow you to automate everything including cable, internet, speakers, and alarm systems, and keep your home safer. No need to worry about bad electrical, hidden mold, or out-dated building materials when you buy new!
  5. Maintenance: Newly built homes need less maintenance than older homes, since everything from appliances to materials are new. You’ll be spending less to maintain your home in the long run and, depending on your builder, warranties can keep you from having to do more than basic maintenance on your home for some time.
  6. Amenities: Homes that are newly built are generally a part of planned communities, which frequently have amenities like parks, community spaces, etc., and are conveniently located close to transit, schools, and other local resources. Buying a home means buying the amenities nearby, so take into consideration what the neighborhood and surrounding area offers before deciding on a home.
  7. Timing: If you’re working with the builder from the beginning, new construction homes take an average of five months for single-family homes and six months for condos. However, if you come in closer to the end of the process, you can still get some of that personalization while also moving into your new home in under two months. If even that is too long, you can get many of the benefits of new homes without the cost of time by buying a fully-constructed new home. The plethora of options when it comes to buying a newly constructed home means that every buyer can find their perfect deal.   
  8. New home, no attachments: As a final mark in favor of new homes, builders aren’t like other sellers: they don’t have an emotional attachment to the home they’re selling. This means they make their decisions on only one thing what’s best for their bottom line. This leaves a lot of space for you as a buyer to negotiate and get your ideal home when you buy new.

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