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3 Tips for Having an Easy Open House

3 tips for having an easy open house

Open houses can be a strange event for homeowners. There’s something about having a group of strangers come into your house, especially when you know they are going to be judging it (sometimes openly) and nit-picking things that you might love about it.
It’s strange, emotionally, to open your house up to people you don’t know, and expose your home to them that you have put work into and loved for a while. Here are some things that will make having an open house run as smoothly as possible.

Remove Personal Items

Part of mentally priming yourself and open house attendees that the house won’t always be yours is to take away the family pictures and personalized touches. If everyone sees the house as just a thing, it will make it easier for you emotionally, and for the potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in it. Take away pictures, monograms, awards… anything that would imprint upon them (and remind you of) your personal memories there.

Be Thoughtful About Security

Especially if your things are still in your home, be sure to think through the items that guests could potentially have access to. No one likes to to think their open house attendees would steal and “be shady”, but you never know. Remove small things that are in plain sight they could potentially take, things tucked away in accessible drawers, and medicine and expensive toiletries in your bathroom and medicine cabinet.
(Shady) people know that open houses are common in the real estate industry, and they could take their chances where you don’t want them to.

Mentally and Emotionally Ready Yourself

Selling your home has a lot of baggage attached with it. Sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that the place you’ve put work into, and formed memories and grown in, is not going to be yours anymore. This can be especially hard if you’ve decided to sell rather quickly after living there for a while. Don’t be too hasty with your decisions, or else your reactions could be purely emotional.
Remember that you will also probably be gaining a new home with the potential to grow amazing future memories in as well!

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