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What Not to Say When You’re Selling Your Home

When you’re selling your home, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole process and forget the most strategic points of conversation to share with buyers.

  • Never claim perfection. To you, your home may seem perfect since you’ve lived in it and have an emotional attachment. However, 99.9% of homes are not completely perfect; there’s always something that can be improved, whether you see it yourself or not. A home inspection is necessary to give you the truth on the matter. You don’t want to end up claiming something that’s not grounded in reality when you’re selling your home.
  • Don’t explain what you wanted to fix or change but didn’t. No one wants to hear about what could be, but what’s actually not. It will only make potential buyers realize what they’re missing, and what they’ll possibly need to spend money on in the future.
  • Don’t explain what you sank a lot of money into. Even if you spent tons of money updating your kitchen or master bathroom for example, that doesn’t mean buyers will be willing to shell out a lot more money for those things you value a lot. Different people put varying amounts of emphasis on what’s important to them. Also, sometimes upgrades are valued less than what was spent on them when they’re factored into the comps.
  • Problem: telling white lies. These will come back to bite you. You will be held liable for anything that wasn’t disclosed, and discovered after the inspection when selling your home.
  • Don’t say how long your home’s been on the market. It’s already available information on home info sheets and online, so don’t be the one to bring it up first. This will just make things awkward, especially if the home has been on the market for a little while.
  • Mistake: not bending for offers’ prices. Be sure to stay realistic about what to expect and accept for offers. If you come off as un-bendable, buyers aren’t going to try and negotiate and compromise with you. Word may get out to other potential buyer about this, leading you to not get any further offers.



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