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Ways You Can Use Leftover Tile

Have some leftover tile from a previous project? Don’t waste it, because after all, you liked it for a reason. Here are some appealing ways to use it.

  • Make coasters: you can glue all the tiles to each other, and/or you can use Modge Podge to put pictures or designs onto the tiles.
  • Make magnets: glue tiles on top of small magnets
  • Framing: there are so many things you can frame with tiles: mirrors, art, tables, your fireplace
  • Back-splash: consider re-designing your back-splash for an easy and fresh change
  • Cover a planter
  • Cover a small end-table
  • Cover a tray
  • Cover a vase
  • Make a cheese board
  • Make art using the tiles, and frame it
  • Make an outdoor walkway, a stepping-stone, or artful design in the ground
  • Cover side paneling: like on a kitchen island
  • Make jewelry
  • Napkin-holders (if the tiles are big enough)
  • Cover a lamp
  • Cover the side of your bathtub/shower

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