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What to Think About When You Remodel Your Laundry Room

There are more options than you may think to change up your laundry room. Here are some things to think about if you plan on remodeling it.

  1. How do you want the space to function differently than before? Do you want to add storage? Do you want to add a sink? What about a creating new look? As long as you know what it is you want to change or add, you’ll have a clearer vision for the process.
  2. How do you do laundry? How often do you do it, and how does that impact your decision for the remodel? Also, the way you perform the processes of washing, drying, and folding clothes will paint a clearer picture of how much room you need in the laundry room, and how you need to arrange everything in it. Where do you fold your clothes; will you need more space if you fold them in the laundry room? How many people do you have in your family? Will you need space for more hampers? Will you need drying racks or ironing boards for your clothes? Do you need extra lighting put in, if there’s not enough natural light now?
  3. How many appliances do you have, and where do they need to be placed? This might depend on the heights of members in your family, if stacking them is an option. On this same note, do you want top or front-loading appliances?
  4. Do your research and set a budget accordingly. Don’t just research costs and intensity of renovation options, but a contractor if you’ll need one as well.
  5. Decide on a style. After you’ve decided the main things, the details can fall into place. How important is it to you to make the room look extra nice? What colors, textures, or patterns do you want? Is there a theme you like? Are tile and wallpaper options you like?

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