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Things to Get Rid of Before You Move

  1. Knickknacks & Useless Objects
    No one truly needs oodles of random, porcelain animals. No one needs an extraneous amount of craft supplies that will fill up too many extra boxes to be handled when moving. Try and eliminate some of those little things that can easily be replaced, and some of those things that don’t have any use that you don’t have any emotional attachment to.
  2. Clean out Closets
    Sort out those clothes that look a tad threadbare, well-worn, stained, or that you have not worn in over a year. You’ll feel better when you donate these, give them to friends, or sell them at a yard sale. If you’re moving to a different climate, this is even more of a reason to ditch the clothes that you won’t need in that weather, and to buy the necessary ones once you move there.
  3. Sort out Old Linens
    Just like clothes, linens take up a fair amount of space. Rid yourself of those sheets and towels that are looking a little too well-worn, and treat yourself to fresh new ones for your new digs.
  4. Eliminate shoddy furniture
    If that old plywood table’s corners chip when you brush up against it, imagine what’s going to happen during your move. Trash or donate the furniture that doesn’t make the cut, which will also give you a reason to upgrade when you settle in your new place.
  5. Dispose those Disposable Products
    Those body sprays from 1997 and that shampoo that you tried once and didn’t like are going to weigh down your boxes. Bathroom and body products can also leak in transit, so only carry your essentials with you.
  6. Pass on the Glass
    Candles, excess glass decorations, and liquor bottles are all accidents waiting to happen during the moving process. Try and pare down what you can to only take what you absolutely need.
  7. De-Clutter the Garage, Basement, & Attic
    Chances are, if something is in a box collecting dust, you might not be needing it anytime soon. Outdoorsy items in your garage are also probably large and will take up a lot of precious space when moving.
  8. Food
    Don’t forget to try and eat as much of your food as you can before you leave, especially that of the refrigerated and frozen variety. Have some friends over for a Going-Away Fridge Cleaning party and let everyone pig out.Have a great and easy move!