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Things You Might Forget About in Your Kitchen

You see it every day, but does that mean it’s something you’ll critically think about? There are probably a few elements in your kitchen you’re forgetting about.

  • The distance between the stove, sink, and the refrigerator should be the smallest possible, especially if you cook frequently.
  • Spend more money in one spot. Splurge on an element that will complement the surrounding area while also beautifully standing out.
  • Details matter. Changing something as simple as your hardware can  make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Lighting: The lighting itself is important, and so is how the light fixture looks. Hanging light fixtures above kitchen islands and sinks can make a big (positive) impact on the room as a whole. 
  • Different floor options: Don’t be scared to venture away from common and simple hardwoods towards tile and other options.
  • Long-term: Think about important, big-ticket items in terms of how long they’ll last and how they’ll show wear. 
  • The ceiling: There’s more you can do with it than you may realize at first. Paint it a different color or add some texture!
  • A place for everything: You can put your appliances in cabinets that have outlets on the inside, so that you won’t have to take the appliances out every time you want to use them.
  • Organize: Don’t forget you can hang cooking utensils right where you need them, and same goes for pots and pans. You can strap cutting boards to the insides of cabinet doors. There are also plenty of options for storing cereal and snacks in pull-out cabinets.
  • Shelves: You can put them on the side of cabinets. You can also choose an island with built-in shelving.
  • Dish racks: Put them over the sink to save room and to better allow a full dry.

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