Anthony Meoli

Deborah Ratchford worked tirelessly to sell our home on relatively minimal┬ánotice due to a corporate relocation 930 miles away. What was impressive about Deborah and her team was the time, dedication, and inventive ways they came up with finding buyers. Buyers were obtained by strategic use of her team, which included a photographer (armed with aerial view drones), separate people to provide different staging angles, and the manipulation of the furniture. Once the house was empty (it is easier to sell when empty), Deb procured at least 2 offers (we were able to take the highest one eventually) within 60 days. Her strategy was price point and removing your emotion from the deal. What you think your house is worth, based on what you paid, might not be what it takes to sell. If you simply listen to Deb’s advice on price, your home will sell. On our first and second offers, she advised we should reject them. We listened, debated, and agreed. A few weeks later we sold for $45,000 higher than that second offer. Hire Deb, Listen to Her, Sell your Home!