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How to Sell Your Home Quickly

Although the housing market does have a say on the speed in which your house will sell, there are a few definite ways you can help sell your home.

  • Price it right: Many agents say that you should price the home slightly under value price, as to stimulate multiple buyers to start bidding. This in turn will drive the price back up to where it “should” be or higher. If you overprice you run the risk of no one putting an offer in, therefore keeping the home on the market for a while. Sell it quickly by staying realistic about the price.
  • Offer to finance: Interest rates are going up, (up .25% as of December, and will continue to rise), making  homes less affordable for buyers. If you offer to finance the sale for your buyers, you can set up a monthly payment system with a lower interest rate than the bank’s.
  • Make your house look amazing: Put yourself in buyers’ shoes: would you like to see a house that’s been well kept? So would they. The curb appeal is your house’s first impression. Water your plants, mow the yard, and weed the flowerbeds to keep the landscape well groomed. Next, deep-clean your house before you put it on the market so that it looks great from Day 1. De-clutter and de-personalize it so that buyers can picture themselves living in the house. Give each room a purpose if it doesn’t have one already; extra bedroom? Now it’s an office/library. 
  • Allow your real estate agent to host open houses: Seeing pictures of something is much different then seeing it in person. When potential buyers are allowed to walk through the home and see it with their own eyes, it becomes much more “real” to them, and an actual option of being a place they could live.
  • Time: Try and plan to sell according to the seasons best known for houses selling quickly- spring and summer.
  • Highlight your home’s best features: Whether this means visually or the way you talk about it. Also, if there are some unique features that would be popular or a “plus” to buyers, be sure and make those known as well. People generally respond with more urgency when they’re presented with an offer that they feel might not come around again.


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