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Why and How You Should Save Rainwater

Saving rainwater not only saves you money, it’s also a great pro-environmental choice. Here’s why:

  • Easy to store: A rain barrel easily stores fallen rainwater from your roof; connecting a downspout or rainchain to the barrel will allow water to be collected. Make sure your rain barrel is opaque so that mold can’t grow, has a screen to filter things out, and has a spigot.
  • Water, whenever: If your city has watering restrictions for certain times or days, then rejoice- now you can give your plants much-needed hydration whenever you want. Keeping a rain barrel is especially great in drought-prone areas because of this. 
  • An investment: “harvesting” rainwater saves you money over time- rain barrels and rainchains are relatively inexpensive, and you would spend more money paying for water from the tap in the long run. 
  • Better for plants & the environment: of course rainwater is better for your plants and grass- it’s all natural! It’s cleaner, and contains less minerals and salts that could potentially build up in the soil. When the water percolates through the soil it’s naturally cleaned, as compared to being dirty water that ends up running back into water systems. If more people did this, there would be less erosion, flooding, and pollutants ending up in water.
  • Decoration: not to mention rain barrels can make a cool decoration, or you can hide them if you don’t like their aesthetic.

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